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About Prevention at the office

“Prevention at the office” is an initiative run by the Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety FCOS. It draws attention to the often-underestimated risks in service sector companies with office workstations. It also offers managers and employees information and practical tips presented in an entertaining manner on subjects that include “Setting up the Office”, “Building/Maintenance”, or “Ergonomics in the Workplace”. With just a few clicks, find out how you can improve health and safety at work.

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In the seven chapters of the FCOS Box and a series of short video clips, you will find out how to improve health and safety at the office and what needs to be taken into consideration.

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FCOS Checkbox

With the FCOS Checkbox apps you can identify safety risks in the office or check to see if your workstation is set up ergonomically.

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FCOS Learning Modules

Easily accessible and entertaining, they will help you check and consolidate your knowledge of the basics in safety and health protection at work.

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