The brochures produced by the FCOS all about prevention in the office, free of charge for you and your employees.

«Risk Assessment» brochure (in German)

The brochure is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized companies in the service sector and shows how it is possible to determine key risks with relatively little effort and deal with them effectively.

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«Practical Tips» brochure

Provide for health and safety in your company and launch your own prevention campaign. Make use of the practical tips in the FCOS Box as well as the other tools provided by the FCOS.

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«Accident – not quite by accident!» brochure (in German)

Where there are people at work, there are also accidents. And offices are no exception! The open drawer or cable spaghetti one trips up on come spontaneously to mind. Nor are falls on the stairs or from an office chair used as a makeshift climbing aid uncommon, but if the workplace is properly organized, accidents in the office can be avoided.

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