FCOS Checkbox. Now even more user-friendly.

Thanks to five new improvements, the FCOS Checkbox is now even more user friendly and optimised for use by small and medium-sized companies (SMC). We asked companies to tell us how we could make the FCOS checkbox even better. Their feedback was integrated into the latest version.

Your opinion is important to us, which is why we gathered feedback on the FCOS Checkbox as part of a small survey in order to tailor it even more precisely for use by SMCs. This has resulted in new functions and small adjustments that make the FCOS Checkbox even more user-friendly than before. You will find the following new functions in the FCOS Checkbox:

The FCOS Checkbox in brief

The FCOS Checkbox is a browser-based web application long with two especially developed smartphone apps. These support Safety Officers in carrying out their work on occupational safety and health protection in the office.

The SafetyCheck allows you to track down hazards at work. The ErgoCheck allows you to check whether work stations in your company have been set up ergonomically. This gives you the possibility to apply the knowledge you gain directly to your own work station. The FCOS Checkbox allows you to export any checks you have carried out in the form of reports to be filed or used elsewhere.

Exporting SafetyCheck and ErgoCheck reports as PDFs

When Safety Officers carry out a SafetyCheck or ErgoCheck, they can now export the resulting report as a PDF. This makes it easier to pass the information on to supervisors and also to file it.

Positive Checks

Using the positive check function, Safety Officers can document not only issues but also positive situations that are found within the company.

Customised names for SafetyCheck

It is now also possible to name each individual SafetyCheck that is carried out. Its name can therefore be adapted to reflect an incident in the company. For example, checks can be named by office number, department or even an entire floor, depending on the spatial scope of the check.

Extended reminders with delegate function

Once a check takes place, it must be ensured that the improvement measures are carried out. A push notification function on the smartphone reminds Safety Officers to implement the necessary measures. They also have the possibility to delegate tasks to other employees.

Sharing knowledge

If faults or hazards come to light during a SafetyCheck, such as unsecured cabling (tripping hazard alert!), it makes sense to point this out to the employees in question. It is precisely for this reason that the FCOS Box has been even more prominently integrated into the FCOS SafetyCheck as a teaching aid. These straightforward learning videos highlight how faults and hazards can be avoided and taken care of.

These improvements are available to new and existing FCOS Checkbox users free of charge. Log in as a user or set up an account for your company as a new user free of charge and take advantage of easy-to-use online tools for better health and safety in your company.


We look forward to hearing what you think about our online tools and are open to questions and suggestions:


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